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Progressive Insurance

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progressive-logoAmerica’s Choice Insurance Partners is proud to be an independent Progressive insurance partner.  Progressive has been providing high-quality auto, home, RV, marine, motorcycle and other types of insurance to policy holders since 1937.  They were actually the first claims office to have a drive-in!

Be Confident in Your Auto Policy

Auto insurance from Progressive through ACIP gives you peace of mind and security.  Life happens and knowing that you will get guaranteed repairs, awesome savings and tools to manage your policy makes the auto insurance buying process so much easier.  Contact an ACIP agent today about a Progressive auto insurance policy.

Other Coverage Offered by Progressive through America’s Choice Insurance Partners

  • Home
    Planning for the unexpected helps minimize living expenses such as repairs or replacement costs when damage happens to your home. Fire, hail, lightning or other natural disasters, or simply theft protection – you’re covered. Our policies are tailored to the location of your home, the year built and square footage. Whether $500 or $1,000, we offer you the choice to pay what you can out of pocket for your claims and your homeowners policy will cover the rest. And if your home is in unlivable conditions and needs repairs, we will reimburse your hotel stay and meals while under construction. No more worries with protection that is just right and caring that is unmatched.


  • Motorcycle
    The smallest details matter to us, just as they did to you when choosing your unique ride. Our motorcycle policies cover: customized/rebuilt motorcycles, cruisers, street sport bikes, high performance bikes, touring/sport touring editions, dual purpose/enduro, motocross/dirt bikes, mopeds, scooters, trike and all – terrain vehicles. Offering customizable policies, you can choose protection such as Total Loss coverage whether stolen or wreck, we’ll replace it with a new bike and also up to $30,000 for your accessories, comprehensive and collision and ACV (Actual Cash Value) or Agreed Settlement options. By offering roadside assistance, we cover a breakdown including, but not limited to, a dead battery, flat tire, lockout, insufficient fluids such as fuel or oil and even entrapment in snow, mud or sand within 100’ of the roadway. Get your personal fitted motorcycle insurance that you need, today.


  • Marine
    Boat insurance covers many types of boats customized for your needs such as jet boats, sail boats, fishing boats or pontoons. Just like our other insurance policies, we offer policies with plenty of options to fit your every needs such as roadside assistance and even on-water towing. With slight limitations, we accept most boats up to 50’ long and up to $250,000 in value and up to 50 miles off the coasts of the U.S. and Canada!


  • Condo
    While condo associations have policies to cover their property and common area, they only cover the physical structure of your home. These policies will not cover any personal belongings or your liability to others and most likely don’t cover any improvements or customizations to your home. Protect the inside of your home, wall-to-wall including all appliances and valuables. Your added hardwood floors are damaged, you’re covered; your granite countertop cracks, you’re covered to restore it to the upgraded condition. Our policy will also provide coverage when paying your condo association expenses such as damage or a lawsuit.


  • Mobile Home
    Your manufactured home has many additions and you’re worried about what’s covered; with our coverage policies you can add your home’s additions such as your porch, carport, or any structures like gazebos and garages. By protecting a little extra, our policy gives you the money to replace what damaged rather than for what it’s worth – protect your home from cost depreciation. With a range of deductibles and payment options available, you can find a policy formed to fit your budget.


  • Recreational Vehicle
    Protection of your investment is customizable to protect your traveling companions and valuables when traveling. Coverage from Class A coaches to camper vans, your adventure is covered. Our policies offer multiple discounts upon qualifications to make sure you’re paying the price you need and deserve. Formed to fit your every desire, your RV can receive basic protection as well as emergency expenses, vacation liability, fire service charges, and much more. We even have a plan tailored for the Full Timers who live on the road.


  • Renters Insurance
    Our policies provide an affordable way to maintain your belongings you love against damage or theft, from clothing or furniture to electronics and appliances. With no depreciated value, you’re reimbursed for what your belongings cost today. In an injury, we understand accidents happen, that’s why we offer you the chance to pay a portion of the medical and repair bills, and your policy will cover the rest. Like homeowners, if your home is unlivable while under repair, you’re reimbursed for your stay. Put yourself in control while keeping out-of-pocket costs at a minimum.


  • Travel Trailer
    We provide protection coverage for your non-motorized portable unit for recreational and camping use. We cover pull along units including: fifth wheel trailers, conventional trailer, pop-up tent trailers, trailer with recreation cargo quarters (also known as a toy hauler) and mounted truck camper. By covering the basis of RV insurance, you’re covered against events such as comprehensive collision, bodily injury and more depending on the policy of you choose. Vacation liability, Full Timers, Emergency Expense and other options are available when towing your investment.


  • Golf Cart
    Designed to travel from green to green, doesn’t mean they’re only used for such – many use for travel around gated community or retirement homes. Whether off-road or on, we specialize in golf cart coverage for virtually any noncommercial purpose and location. Even accessories and your transport trailer can be added to your policy for fuller coverage.


  • Segway
    Worry no more with the same protection you have on the sidewalks as you do on the road. Prepare for the unexpected with coverage for comprehensive & collision, medical expenses and even uninsured / under-insured bodily injury (not-at-fault medical care). Insurance coverage like such is a must-have when you glide.


  • ATV
    Similar to motorcycle insurance, we offer a variety of ATV coverage options depending on your sense of adventure. Many states require having insurance on your vehicle whether riding on state-owned land or anywhere off of your property. Even then, your home insurance may not include your investment. Whether comprehensive, collision or uninsured motorist coverage (person at fault doesn’t have insurance or is not covered by yours) we’re right here to help protect your assets.


  • Snowmobile
    Protection during your snowy adventures has never been easier with coverage now available in 31 states across the country. You and your family can gain comfort knowing you can insure up to 5 operators and 4 snowmobiles per policy. With most of the options as automotive coverage, we’re able to protect you with extensive policies, specialized claim services and competitive rates.


  • Personal Water Craft (PWC)
    Coverage includes water-ski at no additional cost, medical coverage up to $10,000 with low deductibles, up to $5,000 in personal effects such as personal watercraft clothing, sunglasses, cameras, etc. With slight limitations, your PWC is covered up to 15’ long and $27,000 in value with ACV (Actual Cash Value) and unlimited use – no time or location restrictions. Additional options such as roadside assistance and fuel spill protection, can be added to provide full coverage on your PWC.


  • Life
    Another way to give your loved ones the life they deserve is ensuring your family’s well-being with life insurance. Whether young or old, big or small, your family has coverage waiting for you. Coverage options include term life insurance giving you a choice in timeframe (ideal for young families), permanent life insurance (whole life: ideal for ages 50+ or those with chronic illnesses; universal life) and final expense insurance (available for ages 45+ and any preexisting health issues) which helps cover final expense medical bills, credit card debts and funeral/burial costs.


  • Health
    With more than 13,000 policy options from 180+ medical carriers, you will protect your medical, dental and vision care with a trusted provider. Not only do we provide coverage, we also help counsel those with questions and concerns, such as: what does the Affordable Care Act mean to you, how to aply for a government subsidy, exactly how much health coverage will you need by comparing benefits and costs, and when and what plans you can qualify for.


  • Umbrella
    Your assets, college funds, your retirement savings, could be at risk from legal liability claims without proper coverage. Our umbrella insurance offers protection beyond auto and homeowners that you’ve worked so hard to secure. Choosing your coverage can spare you the hardship when the unexpected happens, with up to $5 million in added liability coverage from personal injury including slander/defamation of character, and rental equipment, insured worldwide. We’ll cover your defense attorney fees and other legal costs in the chance of a lawsuit. In the scenario of an accident at your home and you’re now being sued for $1 million, but your home owners only covers $500,000 in damages, which leaves you with the other half a million. With umbrella insurance, you/your family are covered from paying any claims that exceed your existing policies. There are no limitations on whom should be protected by umbrella, whether rich or poor, we have a plan that’s right for you at affordable costs. Staying in control of your lifestyle means you’re ready for the events you cannot control.


  • Pet
    By offering extensive coverage for your pet, you can provide the best care for them and peace of mind in the event that something may happen. Providing insurance through Pets Best, you can choose the type of pet insurance to best fit you and your beloved family-addition’s needs. BestBenefit plans cover: illnesses, accidents and injuries, prescription medications, hospitalization, surgeries, cancer treatments, hereditary and congenital conditions, after-hours emergency treatment, visits to specialists, acupuncture and chiropractic, as well as MRIs, CT scans and X-rays. Also cover your routine pet care with Pets Wellness for their annual exam, teeth cleaning and vaccination.  The following is not covered by our pet policy: pre-existing conditions (unless cured), preventive, elective and cosmetic procedures including boarding and grooming, food including prescription food and vitamins/supplements. Though there are restrictions, our pet policy helps you save money by reimbursing for most, if not all, of your vet bills after meeting your annual deductible. With your choice of licensed vet, specialist or emergency care worldwide you can feel confident knowing your pet as young as 7 weeks old can receive proper medical treatment. We offer quick claim reimbursements, usually within 2 business days; as well as coverage discounts on multiple pets. Remember to insure while they’re healthy so your loved one is covered while they’re ill.


  • Business
    From minimum coverage for small businesses to comprehensive protection for thriving businesses, insurance policies will match whatever stage your business may be in. Being exposed to multiple risks such as accidents, illnesses and lawsuits, your business may only need the basic coverage. Our General Liability is best for small businesses, coverage for basics. If you’re business offers vehicles for employees, you’ll need Commercial Auto insurance to protect against work related incidents. Beyond the basics is specific coverage for extensive liability protection, often referred to as Business Owners policy (BOP). This full coverage policy offers property protections to cover your equipment, worker’s compensation to be legally responsible for injuries and illnesses while working on the job, and professional liability for businesses that provide advice or a service for other professional businesses. With added value to your company, we can also provide insurance for contractors specialized to fit your specific business needs.


  • Travel
    Trip insurance is tailored to you and family’s needs while traveling to include cover lost luggage, emergency medical treatment and trip cancellation coverage that will reimburse you if your plans got canceled. Find a peace of mind with InsureMyTrip, a trusted provided.


  • Mechanical Repair Plans
    This plan is provided to those who would like to ensure their valuables are running smoothly, whether your car’s engine or your GPS, a mechanical repair plan can extend your existing warranties. By choosing what you pay, even if there are several parts to fix, you only pay one deductible for each repair visit while staying at a reasonable price. You won’t have to say goodbye to your favorite mechanic, with our plan you can use any licensed repair shop. Don’t forget about your bikes, ATV’s and snowmobiles, we offer similar breakdown insurance to insure your ride with no deductible.


  • Identity Theft Protection
    Keeping your personal information has been made easy and affordable with our identify theft protection powered by ProtectMyID from Experian at the low cost of $9.95/month (with discount). This policy notifies you in a timely manner if any suspicious activity is detected giving you a peace of mind, and when you’re satisfied, you give the word when re-securing your identity and then your policy is closed.


  • Wedding and Event Protection
    Events are scheduled without limits on fun, and the last thing you want to worry about are damages and injuries. By providing you, your guests and your venue from accidents, unexpected damages and some cancellation costs, you can enjoy your day to the fullest. Wedding insurance may seem strange, but the average wedding costs $31,000 potentially making it one of the biggest investments of your life, so protect this investment with our one-day insurance. Tailored policies to be flexible to meet the most unique events while giving you the access to easily add/remove coverage. Some services of our coverage includes: event cancellation (insure your deposits, cakes, flowers and other décor are intact if you have to postpone), special coverage (the wedding rings, dress, tuxedo, gifts and photographs) and the standard event liability coverage includes damages to your venue or injuries to your guests. With more than 400 event policies available, make sure your birthday, anniversary party, bridal shower, dinner event or even sporting event is covered before handling the unexpected damage.

Contact an America’s Choice Insurance Partner representative today for more information on any of these policy choices.

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