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National-InterstateRV Coverages

At National Interstate, we offer innovative policies for motor homes and bus conversions, as well as non-motorized vehicles like travel trailers, fifth wheels and pop-up units. Rest assured that when you work with National Interstate, you’ll get the comprehensive coverage you need so that you can enjoy your RV with complete peace of mind.

We can insure bus conversions up to $2 million in many states (liability limits up to $1 million are available). At National Interstate, we will also insure your tow vehicle, whether it is a powerful medium-duty truck, a motor home, a pickup truck, or an SUV. The more you insure with us, the more you save.

    • Total Loss Replacement
      If your RV is a total loss in the first five model years, we will replace it with a brand new comparable model.
      Let’s say you purchased a motor home for $100,000 in 2009, and during the years 2009 through 2011 it depreciates 40%. In 2012, your motor home is destroyed, and the cost to replace it with a new model is $120,000. Without Total Loss Replacement Coverage your actual cash value payout would be $60,000. If you purchased Total Loss Replacement Coverage we would replace the unit, saving you $60,000.
    • Purchase Price Guarantee
      This coverage provides protection against depreciation.
      Let’s say that you purchased a motor home in 2009 for $100,000, and it depreciates 40% over the next two years. In 2012, your motor home is destroyed, and the cost to replace it with a new model is $120,000. Without Purchase Price Guarantee Coverage your actual cash value payout would be $60,000. However, if you elected Purchase Price Guarantee Coverage, you would receive your purchase price of $100,000 to replace your RV.
    • Diminishing Deductible
      An option where you can reduce your deductible by 25% for each consecutive claim-free year.
      Let’s say that your original deductible is $1,000. After three claim-free years, your deductible is reduced by 75% (25% per year), or $750. If you had a claim in your fourth year, you would pay only $250, saving $750.
    • Personal Effects Coverage
      Coverage to protect your personal property.
      This can cover items such as cameras, tools, clothing, cookware, and bicycles — anything individually or as a set that is worth $1,000 or less. You can purchase Personal Effects Coverage in $1,000 increments.
    • Vacation Liability
      Coverage to protect your personal property.
      If someone falls when entering or exiting your RV, if a campfire rages out of control, or if someone is injured while playing on your campsite, Vacation Liability will protect you.
    • Emergency Vacation Expense
      Coverage for trip disruption.
      If your trip is disrupted due to an insurable loss, Emergency Vacation Expense will pay for incidental costs such as hotel stays, up to a limit.
    • Windshield Replacement Coverage
      Did you know that windshield damage is the most common RV claim?
      Windshield Replacement Coverage provides a $100 deductible for window replacements. For example, if your comprehensive deductible is $500 and your windshield is damaged by a large rock, you would save $400 with Windshield Replacement Coverage.
    • Awning Replacement Coverage
      Did you know that awning damage from wind is the second most common RV claim?
      With Awning Replacement, we will replace your awning with like kind and quality.
    • Full-Timer’s Coverage Options
      We also offer a suite of coverages available exclusively for full-time RVers and those who use their RV more than five months out of the year.
      This added benefit stays with you (not the RV) and is similar to personal liability on a homeowners’ policy.
    • Agreed Value
      Available for bus conversions only.
      This coverage allows for you to be paid an Agreed Value if your unit is a total loss. We also have adjusters experienced with bus conversion claims.
    • Extended Utility Trailer Coverage
      Covers utility trailers pulled behind a motor home.
      Every policy automatically covers physical damage to a utility trailer up to $2,500. Extended Utility Trailer Coverage gives the option to extend that coverage up to $99,000. The personal items inside the utility trailer are covered by the Personal Effects Coverage on a specialty RV policy.
    • Discounts
      National Interstate offers many discounts to reduce your premium. Discounts available to you include if you bought your RV new, belong to an RV association or manufacturer’s club, have taken a safe driving course, possess a CDL, or your RV has features to prevent theft or loss.

Companion Auto Coverage

If you have an RV policy with National Interstate, you can take advantage of our Companion Auto Insurance – a program that offers you exclusive benefits and savings.

Single Deductible – We understand that you frequently travel with both your RV and your automobile. With typical insurance, you have to pay separate deductibles if both are damaged. With National Interstate Companion Auto Program, you pay just one.

Diminishing Deductibles – With National Interstate, the longer you go without a claim, the more you save. With our Diminishing Deductible program, your deductible is reduced by 25% for each claim-free year.

GAP Insurance – If your auto is damaged in an accident and valued at less than you owe on your loan, you’ll have to pay the difference. And with automobiles depreciating rapidly, that amount could be substantial. GAP coverage, also known as Auto Loan/Lease Payoff coverage, is available to help you pay off your loan or lease.

Other benefits of our Companion Auto program include a multi-policy discount on your autos when you have an RV policy with us, combined billing, very inexpensive physical damage coverage while traveling in Mexico, and much more. Please contact one of our specialty RV insurance agents to get a quote or to learn more about our programs.

Coverages and discounts may vary. Coverage subject to terms and conditions of an insurance policy.

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