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Michigan Insurance

Michigan Insurance

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Michigan Insurance

Michigan InsuranceWe are a property and casualty insurance company that provides full lines of personal and commercial insurance through independent agencies in the State of Michigan. We are a member company of the Donegal Insurance Group, which operates across multiple regions of the United States.

Personal Insurance

We understand the importance of protecting your home and auto, which are among the most valuable properties you own. Our products include:

Automobile Insurance:
Bodily Injury Liability provides coverage for your legal responsibilities if an accident injures other drivers, pedestrians and/or passengers. It also covers legal defense costs associated with these claims.

Property Damage Liability coverage provides protection for accidents that damage the property of others. It also covers legal defense costs associated with these claims.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) provides coverage for Bodily Injury to you and your resident family members. It provides coverage for medical expenses, funeral expenses, work loss benefits and survivor loss benefits.

Uninsured and/or Underinsured Motorist coverages protect you and your family from the cost of an injury in an accident caused by an uninsured or under-insured motorist.

We offer optional coverages in our Automobile policies such as: Collision coverage, to cover repair costs from damage caused by an impact with another vehicle or object or the upset of your vehicle. Other Than Collision (Comprehensive) coverage, for fire, theft, vandalism, glass breakage and other perils
Towing and Labor coverage, in the event your car is disabled. Rental Reimbursement coverage, to pay for a rental car following a covered loss to your car.

Other attractive features of our Automobile Insurance policies are: Automobile Choice Endorsement (ACE) – Loss Experience Credit – Family Vehicle – Credit – Good Student Discounts – Defensive Driver Credit – Hybrid Car Credit – Death Indemnity Endorsement.

Homeowners Insurance:
Our Homeowners Insurance policies provide protection for your home, plus: Garages and other buildings on your property. Household and personal possessions on your property, or anywhere in the world. Additional living expenses, if you are unable to live in your home because of a covered loss. Personal liability coverage for your legal responsibilities when an accident causes injury to others, on your property and elsewhere. Medical payments, paid to others who are accidentally injured on your property.

Our Homeowners policies give you flexibility by offering you many coverage options. For example, you can choose: Extended Limits Coverage, for additional coverage toward the cost of replacing your home after a loss, in addition to the policy limit for your home. Replacement Cost Coverage for the contents of your home, so in the event of a loss, no deduction would be made for depreciation on your personal property. Higher limits on personal computers and valuables such as jewelry, furs, cameras and silverware. Identity Fraud Expense Coverage.

Also, you can save money on your Homeowners policy if you’ve installed safety and security devices such as smoke detectors or burglar alarms. Save more by choosing a higher deductible and/or by renewing your policy from year to year, taking advantage of our renewal discounts.
Finally, be sure to read about our Account Credit Plan. It offers significant savings if you have both your Homeowners and Automobile insurance policies with Donegal Insurance Group.
In addition to the Homeowners product described above, we also offer Condominium, Mobilehome and Renters policies.

Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance:
Our Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance policies provide an additional layer of liability protection over and above that of your Homeowners, Automobile and Boatowners insurance. If you’re ever held legally responsible for the accidental injury of others or damage to property and your underlying policy limits are insufficient to cover the costs, the Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance policy provides additional coverage, up to your selected policy limits..

Rental Dwelling Insurance:
Our Rental Dwelling Insurance provides coverage for Tenant-occupied homes. These policies provide property coverage for fire and other causes of loss.

Boatowners Insurance:
Our Boatowners Insurance policies provide the extra protection you need for your vessel — from bow to stern, afloat or on land. That protection extends to your motor and controls, electric starting equipment and standard equipment fuel tanks. We can also cover your portable boating equipment, such as oars, life preservers, anchors and even your trailer. Boat Liability coverage protects you against legal liability for accidents that arise out of the use of your boat. You can also choose optional coverage for medical expenses incurred due to injuries received in a boating accident. Other optional coverages include Boater’s Emergency Towing and Labor, Uninsured Boaters, and Boater’s Personal Property Coverage. We also offer you an additional discount if we provide your Homeowners insurance.

Commercial Insurance

In recent years, we’ve expanded our Commercial Insurance product offerings, and we’re continuing to develop new products and additional coverages for you. By offering a complete line of commercial property and casualty products for the small or midsize business, we have become recognized as a leading regional provider of Commercial Insurance. Our products include:

Commercial Package Policy:
For businesses and other enterprises, we tailor our Commercial Package Insurance Policy to meet the customer’s needs. It’s a flexible package, so you can pick and choose which insurance coverage you need to properly protect your business.

You can select from the following property and liability coverages: Commercial Fire and Allied Lines Insurance – Commercial General Liability Insurance – Commercial Inland Marine Insurance – Commercial Crime Insurance – Commercial Equipment Breakdown Insurance.

Our “MIC PAK” Endorsements are a popular option for most Commercial Package Policies. They include additional or increased coverage, conveniently packaged together for at a very reasonable cost.

Examples of some of our MIC Pak’s include: MIC Auto Repair/Service PAK – MIC C PAK for Contractors – MIC Inn PAK for Bed & Breakfasts – MIC Metal Workers PAK – MIC PAK Auto – MIC PAK Liability – MIC PAK Property – MIC PAK Mini for Smaller Commercial Accounts.

Commercial Automobile Insurance:
You have a successful business that you can be proud of. We want to make sure you get insurance coverage at a cost that gives you value for your money. We’ve designed our Commercial Automobile Insurance program with you in mind. This product is designed to be flexible and can provide liability and physical damage protection for a single vehicle or an entire fleet of vehicles. Our “MIC PAK Auto” Endorsement is a great value, as it provides many additional or increased coverages packaged together at a very reasonable cost.

Commercial Liability Umbrella Insurance:
Our Commercial Liability Umbrella Insurance policy gives your business an added layer of liability protection over and above your commercial policies (such as General Liability and Commercial Automobile). If your business is ever held legally responsible for an incident and your underlying policy limits are insufficient to cover the costs, your Commercial Liability Umbrella Insurance policy will provide additional coverage, up to your selected policy limit amount.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance:
Our Workers’ Compensation Insurance products provide the protection you need to compensate employees for medical expenses and lost wages resulting from a work-related injury. We offer competitive rates that reward good safety records and favorable loss history. Additionally, we offer group discounts, multi-policy discounts, and pay-as-you-go options to make our Workers’ Compensation program attractive for your needs.

Employment Practices Liability:
Our Employment Practices Liability insurance is an important coverage. It helps you prevent or defend against employment claims alleging age, gender or race discrimination, sexual harassment or other wrongful employment acts. Designed especially for small or medium sized businesses, our Employment Practices Liability coverage includes: Broad protection against Employment Practices Liability charges – Substantial limits – No separate underwriting process or complicated application – Access to experienced employment law firms – Claims specialists experienced in employment claims.

Liquor Liability Insurance:
Our Liquor Liability Insurance provides needed protection to businesses that sell liquor products. We offer this coverage to eligible retailers, as well as to restaurants where liquor sales are an incidental part of the business. This coverage is subject to company approval, so please contact your company representative with specific questions.

Contractor’s Errors & Omissions:
We will offer Contractor’s Errors & Omissions with specific coverage for eligible trade contractors. Our Contractor’s E&O product is offered as an endorsement under the GL coverage part of the Commercial Package Policy. Coverage is written as a Claims Made form and is intended to provide coverage for Property Damage to your product, work, or impaired property caused by unintentional faulty workmanship, materials or design.

Commercial Loss Control Services:
As a service to our Commercial Insurance policyholders, our Loss Control Services Department offers a variety of materials and programs to enhance the safety and health of your business or workplace — at no cost to you. Our focus is on understanding and addressing each client’s specific challenges. We offer tailored loss control services for your business, as well as practical recommendations and strategies to help lower your costs of loss and improve your return on investment.

Loss Control Resources We provide several valuable resources to help our clients with their safety programs, including: Workers’ Compensation Management Program – Contractors’ Tool Box Talks (including materials based on OSHA e-tools) – Forklift Safety Assistance – Emergency Response Plan Guidance (including OSHA guidelines and tools) – Guides for a Fleet Loss Control Program – Guides for a Fire & Emergency Safety Plan – Accident Reporting and Investigation Assistance – Federal Recordkeeping Assistance – Industry “Best Practices” Consultation – Additional Safety Guides – call for availability.

Commercial Group Programs:
Some eligible groups include: Various Contractors – including HVAC, Carpentry, and Cable Installation – Plastics Manufacturing – Restaurants – Various Retail – including Auto Parts, Bakeries, and Drug Stores – Various Service – including Dry Cleaners and Funeral Homes – Garages – Service Operations – Metalworkers – Hotels and Motels – lets than 4 stories – Professional Offices – including Accounts, Insurance Agents and Financial Services.

This represents a sample of eligible groups. Please contact your Michigan Insurance Company Agent for more information.

On Demand Loss Control Training:
Welcome to Donegal Insurance Group’s On Demand Loss Control Training, provided by PureSafety. If you are a Donegal policyholder and would like to be directed to PureSafety’s OSHA and Safety Online Courses, please click the link below. Once you have identified the training course you would like to pursue, please contact Donegal’s Loss Control Department at 1-800-877-0600 x7721 for our Loss Control Manager to receive your policyholder discount code. Please be prepared to provide the following when calling: Your commercial policy #,
Number of participants, and Timeframe for the training selected.

Commercial Premium Audit Services:
A commercial premium audit is a review of a policyholder’s operation and records to determine the actual insurance exposure for the coverage provided. The need for premium audits arises because many insurance policies, including Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, and Contractor policies are based on estimates when underwritten. These policy types provide for an adjustment of the premium according to the exposures actually incurred during the policy term. The premium auditor is responsible for measuring the exposure base accurately and classifying it properly according to the manual rules. Donegal Insurance Group conducts a premium audit on all commercial new business (with auditable exposures) within 60 days of the expiration date of the policy. Preparing for the premium audit can save time and money by ensuring you receive an accurate audit. It is important that a principal of the business be available at the time of the audit to provide the details of the business operation and the employee’s duties. During the appointment process, the premium auditor will make you aware of the records needed to perform the audit. Please be assured, confidentiality of your information is very important to us. The details contained on the audit worksheets are released only to the policyholder directly.

Examples of financial and business records: Payroll records of original entry – Sales and receipts journals – Federal 941 and state quarterly unemployment compensation reports – Job cost records – Subcontractor costs – State sales tax returns – Certificates of insurance for subcontractors used

Why do I need Certificates of Insurance for subcontractors? You should always secure a certificate of insurance for both workers’ compensation and general liability coverage at the time you hire each subcontractor or independent contractor to protect your business. Certificates should be updated annually for those contractors you use regularly. Certificate limits are considered adequate when at least equal to your own limits. Any independent contractor who is uninsured or has inadequate insurance (depending on policy type), may be classified and rated as if they were your employees during the policy period being audited.

Independent contractor or employee? If you use an independent contractor as part of your business that does not have workers’ compensation insurance, the law may hold you responsible for work-related injuries. A few states are very specific with regulations outlining differences between independent contractors and employees. Please check with your agent/broker for more information. Many state workers’ compensation laws consider direction and control, as well as the relative nature of the work performed, to determine whether an injured worker is considered your employee and eligible for workers’ compensation benefits under your policy.

Contact an America’s Choice Insurance Partner Agent for more details.

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