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Grange Insurance

America’s Choice Insurance Partners can help you map out a policy with Grange that will fit your needs and your lifestyle.  We help you understand all the insurance lingo so you don’t have to worry about what you’re covered for and what you aren’t.

Liability – This protects drivers against the liability of any damages or costs that they may cause to other people in an auto accident.  For example bodily injury coverage may help you avoid paying someone else’s medical bills that arise as the result of an accident.  Property damage coverage may help you avoid paying for broken property that happens as a result of an auto accident

Comprehensive – This is coverage for everything else not related to a collision.  For example if your car gets burglarized, a mouse chews through your seatbelt or someone vandalizes your vehicle, comprehensive coverage can help pay for those damages.

Medical payments – This type of coverage helps pay for the medical bills associated with an auto accident.  If you, your passengers or other motorists have to seek medical care as the result of an accident, this coverage can kick in to make sure you don’t get left holding the bill.

Uninsured and underinsured drivers – In many cases, insurance coverage is mandated by law but not all people follow the law.  If you are to get into an accident with another motorist that is not covered (or not very well covered), you could be left paying for damages.  Uninsured and/or underinsured coverage can help pay for costs associated with damage from drivers who don’t have insurance or who don’t have very good insurance.

Grange Goes the Extra Mile

Grange offers a lot of additional coverage that many insurers do not.  Coverage for damages and medical expenses is great but what about all the little things that you don’t think about.  Grange goes the extra mile to make sure your insurance experience is the best.

Identity theft – Fraud related to identity has become a prolific problem.  Usually when identity theft happens, it can cause a lot of financial damage and take a lot of time to undo.  Identitiy theft coverage from Grange ensures you won’t have to wait for your financial situation to be put back in order.  You can get the funds you need right away while your identity gets put back the way it was.    .

Towing and labor – Damage to your vehicle is often covered under policies but getting your vehicle to a shop may not be.  Grange features reimbursement for roadside emergency related situations so you aren’t left holding a huge tow bill.

Car rental – What do you drive while your car is being fixed?  Grange knows that after an accident, your car is getting worked on but you still need to go about your business.  They offer rental car reimbursement for those who have their vehicles being worked on after an accident.

Personal Auto Plus Protection – Provides for coverage beyond the base coverage of your Personal Auto policy. The Personal Auto Plus endorsement offers additional protection including new auto replacement cost, air bag replacement, waiver of deductible, locksmith, lodging, electronic equipment and accessories, rental car loss of use, and tax, title and fees.

Other Coverage Offered By Grange

  • Boat
  • Loan/gap coverage
  • Motorcycle
  • RVs and other recreational vehicles
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