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Umbrella Insurance


Coverage that…Covers

One moment everything can be fine and the next a multi-million dollar lawsuit could take away your house, your cars, your 401K and everything you’ve worked so hard to build.  An umbrella policy from America’s Choice Insurance Partners can help protect you and your family’s financial well-being.  An umbrella policy can help cover:

  • Bodily injury and property damage in an accident that exceeds your auto liability limits
  • Bodily injury in the event of an accident on your property that exceeds your homeowners liability limits
  • Lawsuits and legal costs relating to invasion of privacy, libel or slander, and defamation of character
  • Unforeseen situations, such as an accident involving a borrowed vehicle or an accident in another country

Additional Protection

In many cases, before you can purchase an umbrella policy, you must also have additional coverage (in the form of an auto or home owners policy) that protects you up to a certain level.  After that, an umbrella policy can be used to supplement any gaps that may exist in your coverage.

Any Place, Any Time

For certain types of liability claims, an umbrella policy can offer you (and members of your family) protection all over the world.  For instance your auto policy may not provide for coverage in foreign countries.  An umbrella policy from ACIP can help protect you where your other coverage may not.

Legal Fees

Fees related to litigation can easily run into the thousands of dollars.  An umbrella policy can cover costs like this whether you win or lose a case.

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