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America’s Choice Insurance Partners delivers modern and unique coverage to protect you and your vehicle. No matter what make or model (sedan, station wagon, hybrid or pickup truck) we will tailor an auto quote according to your lifestyle. Through every situation, we’ve got you covered.

Be Ready at Every Turn

America’s Choice Insurance Partners can provide essential liability protection and other coverages required by law. This can include coverage if your car is involved in an accident while being operated by yourself or someone else. We can also enhance your coverage by adding extra protection for emergencies, damage, repairs or coverage related to personal property.  Your ACIP agent can help determine the coverage options that are best for you.

Why America’s Choice Insurance Partners?

ACIP works with some of the nations most popular and well-regarded carriers.  By working in this way, we can find you the absolute best coverage for your automobile.

Accident Forgiveness

Many of the policies we help our customers acquire provide for accident forgiveness.  See your ACIP agent for details.

Diminishing Deductible

We can get our customers policies that feature diminishing deductibles.  Contact one of our agents for details.

Full Coverage Protection

This type of coverage helps pay for repairs or to get you a new car if yours is stolen or damaged in some other way besides a collision.  Includes loss or damage from fire, flood, falling objects, wind, hail and collision with an animal.

Helps pay for repairs to your car for damage caused by an accident.

Auto Insurance – What Do Most States Require?

The auto insurance coverage required varies based on the state that you live in.  Typically many states require that you have both bodily injury and property damage coverage.  Some may want you to have coverage to pay medical expenses for yourself, passengers or others that could be injured as the result of an accident.  Sometimes states require that you protect yourself from under-insured or un-insured motorists.  Your America’s Choice Insurance Partner representative can walk you through what coverage you will need based on the state you live in or may be traveling to.

Bodily Injury Liability

This type of coverage helps pay for medical expenses that arise out of an accident.  For example you may be held liable for expenses incurred by another driver in an accident and liability coverage would help pay for that.

Property Damage Liability

Helps pay to fix someone else’s vehicle you’re held responsible for damaging in an accident.

Custom Equipment Coverage

Sometimes people spend a lot of money customizing their car with audio-visual equipment and other after-market modifications.  You might not be aware that these types of changes to your vehicle may not be covered under a basic policy.
Custom equipment includes any part that modifies the appearance or performance of your car or truck like a modified or custom engine, roll bars and lift kits, custom wheels, murals and decals.

Pet Coverage

ACIP can help you find coverage for scenarios where your pet could be injured in an accident.  This type of coverage could help pay for veterinarian expenses.

Personal Property Coverage

We can help you set up policies that cover personal property (i.e. electronics, jewelry, equipment) that could be damaged in an auto accident.

Please note: Not all coverage options available in all states. Some options must be purchased with others. Talk to your America’s Choice Insurance Partners agent for details.

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