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We know you how much our customers love their ATV’s and other motorized toys.  Whether you use your ATV for work or play, America’s Choice Insurance partners has coverage to fit your needs.   You want to be covered should your ATV get stolen or become damaged.  Our agents work with multiple carriers all across the nation to find you the very best ATV coverage to fit your lifestyle.

You may not know that multiple states require ATV insurance for all terrain vehicles operated on state-owned land.  Your home owners policy may not have adequate coverage should you have an accident off of your property.  An ATV is one of those unique pieces of equipment that can benefit from having a specialized policy from ACIP.

Just like our motorcycle insurance, ACIP offers a variety of ATV insurance coverages, including:

Comprehensive ATV Coverage From ACIP

In most cases, comprehensive ATV coverage will pay for damage caused by events that are not collisions.  For example if your ATV is stolen, damaged by a fire, vandalism, flooding or by an animal, comprehensive coverage would come into play.  An ACIP agent can walk you through the specific scenarios where a comprehensive policy would help pay for damages.

Collision ATV Coverage From ACIP

Collision coverage generally pays for physical damage caused by hitting another vehicle, a structure, a tree, a large rock or other stationary object.  After the insured ATV owner pays their applicable deductible, collision coverage will kick in to cover the rest of the repairs or replacement costs.  In most cases, collision coverage may not pay for minor damage like scrapes, dings, dents and other minor cosmetic damage.  Your ACIP agent will be able to tell you all the details of what your chosen policy will cover.

Get an ATV Insurance Quote

ACIP agents can give you an ATV insurance quote in minutes.  Many times if you bundle your ATV insurance with other insurance products you will qualify for a discount on your coverage.  See an ACIP agent for details.

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